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Family Coaching

Kat's Family Coaching provides intensive support for families with infants to teenagers, drawing on resiliency and strengths, shifting challenging dynamics quickly and allowing for families to build a strong foundation that better prepares them for any unexpected obstacles in the future. 



I feel so much more confident and able to handle anything that comes my way.
— R.M.
I didn’t know how to ask for what I needed or even what I needed after my baby was born. Kat not only helped me wade through the postpartum blues, but helped me to both care for and bond with my baby.
— L.G.
Watching Kat with my two year old taught me to use play to avoid tantrums. Now I use games all the time. It made my life so much easier
— S.G.
My ex-partner and I could have never co-parented without Kat’s support. She was a life saver
— Anonymous
We have a baby and a 4 year old. Our baby had colic and our 4 year old was struggling in school, hitting other kids. She helped me with both at the same time. We are so grateful.
— Anonymous
I learned how to take care of myself with Kat, so I could give more fully to my family. I will always be so grateful for her and the tools she gave me.
— - A.K.



One on One coaching with individuals and the whole family, with text support between sessions. I support families in addressing the challenges they face, so there is more time for connection. Some of my focuses include: 

  • Supporting parents in filling their own cups and nurturing their relationships.

  • Transforming parent-child power struggles from toddlers to teens

  • Growing your child’s emotional world

  • Supporting divorced parents in co-parenting

  • Bonding with babies and infant care.

  • Behavioral management through play

  • Supporting parents in becoming the parent they most want to be


About Me

Kat Whipple, MSW

I have been coaching parents and working with children for over 17 years. My work with families has taken many paths over the years: running early childhood programs, teaching parenting classes, working as a child and family therapist, providing birth and postpartum doula support, and running parenting trainings for parents and professionals. What I have enjoyed the most is empowering parents to build the resiliency and radical self-care they need to care for themselves, each other and their little/big loves.

I graduated from Smith College with my Masters in Clinical Social Work in 2012 and Matrixworks for family and group counseling and healing in 2006.

In addition to one on one coaching for families, Kat occasionally offers group consults or classes. If interested, contact her directly for more information and inquiries.

Check out what Kat does in the community: www.thehatchcommunity.org